Congratulations on your birth.Goon PREMIUM Plus designs sensitive skin focusing on skin irritation and dryness※It is a diaper. * "Sensitive skin design" is designed to consider the skin of babies who are more sensitive than adults.
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3 pluses for baby's sensitive skin


1. Moisturizing
ingredients Plus The surface sheet that touches the skin contains the same moisturizing ingredients as
elière luxury moisturizing.

2. Smooth
texture plus it is gentle on the baby's skin and tailored to a surface with less rubbing burden.

3. Speed absorption of loose
and loose poop Plus Perforated absorption sheet quickly inhales loose poop and reduces the sticking of poop.


Baby skin is very sensitive

The baby's skin is about half as thin as that of adults, and there is less moisture and sebum than adults.
Therefore, it is weak to stimulation and easy to dry.


Measures against irritation and dryness are important for skin troubles*, and skin troubles* are likely to occur when the surface of the skin is damaged by irritation caused by rubbing with pee, poop, and disposable diapers, and moisture is lost from the inside and dry out.

* A condition in which a rash or the like has appeared in the place where the diaper is crushed.

Soft gokots for the entire diaper

- When wet, the line turns blue and we will let you know the pee.

● In places with high humidity, the color may change even before use, but there is no problem with use.

● After a long time in a wet state, the absorber may appear blue.

Gentle butt pattern all 8 kinds

There are two types in one pack.


※ Illustrations are an example. The illustration and the actual product may be slightly different.

Goon Plus SeriesTapeWeight guide3S size for babies immediately after birth1.8kg〜3.0kgFor newborns〜5kgS4kg〜8kgM6kg〜11kgL9kg〜14kgBIG12kg〜20kg

Weight is one of the guidelines for choosing a size. Even with the same weight, the size that fits may vary depending on the child's body shape. Please choose the size that fits perfectly according to your body type.

How to wear disposable diapers well (be sure to read them before use.) )


  1. Make sure the three-dimensional gather is standing. (Stand easily with your fingers.) )
  2. Spread your legs in an M-shape and keep the gathers stretched. The circumference of the tummy should be about one finger.
  3. To increase the adhesive strength of the tape, press the tape down from the top and pull the base lightly outward.
  4. Pull up the diaper and make sure the stereoscopic gather fits around the foot.

SpecificationIndividual size

  • 36 sheets 183×300×118mm
  • 88 sheets 354×389×120mm

(height× width× depth)

MaterialSurface material: Polyolefin nonwoven water absorbing
material: Cotton pulp
absorbent paper Polymer water
absorption material Waterproof
material: Polyolefin film Landing material: Polyolefin Telescopic material: Polyurethane
binding material: Styrene synthetic resin, etc.Number36 sheets, 88 sheetsNotesUsage notes

  • Keep out of your child's reach to prevent them from entering their mouths.
  • If it does not fit your skin, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
  • Do not place near heating appliances or other places with high temperatures.
  • The polymer absorber inside the diaper will be jelly-like grains when it absorbs moisture, but it is safe to touch your child's skin.
  • Please do not wash it because it is a disposable diaper. If washed, the contents of the diaper may be on other clothing, but in that case, please rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Change dirty diapers frequently.

What to do after use

  • If the stool adheres to the diaper, please clean it to the toilet.
  • Round the dirty areas inwards and treat them so that they are not unsanitary.
  • Do not throw disposable diapers in the toilet.
  • Take home the diapers you used when you went out.
  • Please follow the rules of your area for how to dispose of disposable diapers after use.

Cautions in the storage letter

  • After opening, store hygienically so that dust and insects do not enter.

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