RealFeel nipples for BuubiBottle are precision engineered to match your baby's oral anatomy, flexing and reacting like a real breast to promote a perfect latch.
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Why are Realfeel nipples so effective?

  • Feels just like mom
  • Anti-colic venting system
  • Medical-grade LSR silicone
  • Makes combination feeding easy

They feature anatomically accurate curvature and two distinct texture zones for the lips and tongue to simulate the textural differences between the nipple and areola. They're also designed with variable thickness to accurately replicate the difference in compression resistance your baby expects to feel in different areas of the breast while they nurse. The flexible tip reacts naturally to your baby's technique, while the thick base mimics the feel of the breast's fatty tissue.

The integrated venting system helps prevent colic and reflux by redirecting air past the milk, not into it. Exclusively for BuubiBottle Mini + BuubiBottle Max, RealFeel nipples are designed for a wide neck, making them easy to clean and sterilize. Say goodbye to frustrating feeding experiences and hello to a more enjoyable and stress-free bonding time with your baby. You won't find a more realistic and comfortable baby bottle nipple.

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