The storage rack is small in size but large in capacity, its well-organized multi-layered structure increases each layer’s vertical storage space while keeping toys tidy and clean. Combo A package includes a bookshelf, a tripod, and a storage section. Acc
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  • According to the baby's height, the field of vision, and playing habits, this product nurtures the baby’s habit of putting objects, toys, and books after playing with, or reading them
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble, lightweight, and easy to transport
  • The edges are all designed with rounded corners, preventing bumps and scratches. 
  • Organizer + bookshelf + bookshelf:
  • Side plate x4, storage box x6, pillar x6, L-shaped plate x1, backplate x2, horizontal plate x6, knob x48, wall fixing iron screws x4, plastic screws x4, positioning plate x2, cable tie x2) x1 bag


  • This product should be used in a clean, dry, flat, spacious indoor environment, and be sure to keep it away from water or damp surface.
  • Please use a soft cloth to wipe stains on the surface. Apply mild soapy water or detergent on cloth for rubbing if necessary. After wiping it with a soft damp cloth, wipe it dry with a dry soft cloth. Do not use extra-strength or corrosive cleaning products to clean.
  • Keep away from sharp objects to prevent scratches or damage.


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