Keep your baby safe with this Iodine swab packs. Made with medical-grade cotton, with iodine inside the stem of the swab. Can be used to sanitize undamaged skin before injections. With its individual package and preinstalled iodine liquid, the swab is hyg
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  • Materials: 0.2% = 1.0% Iodine 
  • 36 piece per package 
  • Length: 8cm 
  • Shelf life: 2 years 
  • Maintenance: avoid sunlight, humidity, light sources, and heat sources 



  1. Hold cotton swab where the end with colorful tape is on top
  2. break off this taped end, allow iodine liquid to flow down and soak the other end
  3. flip it so the liquid in the tube flow to and soak the taped end



  • For external use only, keep away from children
  • only for clean areas with health, undamaged skin 
  • Do not buy or use package that was previously opened
  • One-time use product, please do not use repeatedly 
  • Do not let the swab touches baby's eyes, do not push the swab into ear pathways 
  • Product storage: swab with colored ring at bottom, store vertically, do not storage upside down 
  • Those who are allergic to Iodine please consult doctors before use

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