The Ultimate Solution for On-the-Go and At-Home Bottle Heating!
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The Ultimate Solution for On-the-Go and At-Home Bottle Heating!

  • Experience the convenience of the Babymoov Duo Smart Warmer, designed to make your life easier as a parent. This intelligent and adaptable bottle warmer is your perfect companion for all your baby's feeding needs.
  • Smart Heating: The Duo Smart Warmer takes the guesswork out of bottle warming. Its practical and intelligent design automatically suggests the right heating times once you add the milk you want to warm. Say goodbye to over or under-heating bottles!
  • Nutrient Preservation: Our bottle warmer is not just smart; it's also designed to protect the precious nutrients in breast milk. Thanks to the "Bain-Marie" function, your baby's milk remains rich in all the essential elements they need for healthy development.
  • Nighttime Convenience: Worried about nighttime feedings? The Duo Smart Warmer has you covered. Its delayed programming feature allows you to set it up in advance, so it starts heating automatically during the night, ensuring your baby gets a warm bottle whenever they need it, without disturbing your sleep.
  • Rapid Steam Mode: When time is of the essence, our bottle warmer offers a steam mode that heats up bottles in record time. In just 80 seconds, you can have 65 ml of water heated to the perfect 37°C temperature.

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