Comfortable, ultra-breathable and complete, the Cosydream Fresh whisks your baby away to dreamland!
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Cosydream FreshThe ergonomic, breathable & heat regulating sleep aid

Supported back & elevated legs to facilitate digestion
Integrated, anatomically shaped headrest for a nice round head
Super soft fabric made of bamboo viscose (antibacterial & breathable)
Heat-regulating fabric Coolmax for good ventilation of the head, back & neck
Position roll that can be adjusted to the size of the child with Velcro straps

Helps your baby sleep through the night

What is the perfect sleeping position for your baby? Pediatricians and scientists agree: the baby should sleep on its back. Because this sleeping position lowers the risk of sudden child death.

With the Cosydream Fresh, Babymoov has developed the ideal sleep aid for your little one. The positioning cushion adapts perfectly to the body shape of the baby on its back. In order to maintain the round head and prevent a flat head (plagiocephaly), the Cosydream is equipped with an anatomical cushion. To promote digestion and reduce colic, the legs can also be raised with the adjustable position roller filled with microbeads. In this semi-fetal position, your little darling feels just as safe as in the mother's belly.

Breathable and heat regulating

Together with our parent community and our paediatricians, osteopaths and midwives, we have developed the Cosydream Fresh, a well-designed product. The baby support pillow is made of extra soft, antibacterial and breathable bamboo viscose. The microperforated foam in combination with the Coolmax thermo regulation fabric provides excellent ventilation of the head, back and neck.

This wedge pillow does everything it can to ensure that your darling is guided safely to the land of dreams and that you can answer yes to the question: "And does he sleep through the night?"

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